2022 05 20

Been a bunch of miscellaneous happenings over the past few days. Hoping to get back to a more regular journaling ritual now!

It really feels like summer is coming into full swing now. All done with grading for the Calc I course I was TAing and back from my brother’s graduation. The trees and plants are all vibrant and green. And of course it is getting hot and humid. Spring seemed to have rocket by.

I’m looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish this summer. I have a smorgasboard of ideas that I want to explore and need to figure out how I want to allocate my time ot them. Some books in computer science, some side projects, and figuring out what I want to do with my future. Much excitement to come!

Daily Listening

This bossa nova album.

Daily Reading

Still reading the Jim Morris autobiography and should be done with it relatively soon. I’ve been really enjoying reading people’s accounts of their lives where they are pretty honest about how things really went. Jim Morris is not as good of a writer as Oliver Sacks (which is a hard bar to beat), but the material and content of his life is so relevant and interesting to me that it has been a breeze to read.