The thoughts in the reading section occupy most of what I was thinking about through the day. Still figuring out how I want to spend my summer! As much as Tim Ferriss can irk me, I thought this video provided a practice that is probably helpful to do.

Daily Listening

Some Saba.

Daily Reading

Read more of the Jim Morris autobiography. He has some pretty interesting speculations about the future of the universe. Namely following the idea in evolution that it is not the species who are competing to survive, but the genes they carry. Instead of genes we think of memes as the idea form of them that spread and compute to survive, and Morris claims that intelligence is the ultimate goal of the universe and that humans are just one vessel on its journey, and maybe robots/AI we make will be the next step. Pretty far out! Makes me want to learn more about evolution and this perspective on genes. Not really sure what to make of the philosophical implications if this is to be believed. One thing that is weird is that there is a presupposition that humans will create the next step in the goal for more intelligence, but we seem to have some ability to steer what we do and thus could choose to not to that and do something else. But perhaps its an inevitability because of something innate about us. Who knows. Maybe its fun to think of ourselves as vessels of something beyond us, and we can just be grateful to be a part of the ride. 🤷🏼‍♂️