2022 05 22

I’m learning that now that I’m getting older and, despite being a PhD student, having some more disposable income it is absolutely worthwhile spending money and effort to reduce discomforts that significantly distract you from doing what you want to be doing. With the temperature in the 90 degrees (F) I was realizing that I absolutely need to get a window air conditioning unit to not be miserable. I’m not really sure how I was able to cope in the past. Maybe I felt it was excessive to have in the past and that since AC didn’t exist I would be fine, but that is ignoring how differently lives were lived in the past and the strategies they used which I am likely unaware of. The point being, a relatively small capital investment can effectively unlock a lot more out of you by enabling you to be comfortable and not distracted by it. I recall not being able to sleep from the heat, and now it seems silly to know that the heat can be disruptive to me and all that I have to do to prevent that is to spend some money. Seems like a pretty easy decision.

Daily Listening

Really like the end of this song.

Daily Reading

Some more of the Jim Morris Autobiography. Similar thoughts to yesterday.