2022 05 24

Started going on morning walks with my partner around the neighborhood which has been a pleasant experience and nice routine to add before starting the workday, especially since the weather has become so pleasant now. Many people are starting to plant their gardens or tend to the perennials that have begun to bloom (I think they’re perennials, but I’m no flower expert). I’m not sure why I haven’t thought of adding a brief walk to my morning routines. I think maybe knowing I have a commute makes a walk feel redundant since I’ll have to be outside to bike anyways. However, there does seem to be something special about going on walk that isn’t intended to take you anywhere except for out and about. It probably won’t be all that pleasant when it is dark out (and cold) during winter, so maybe it’s best to just cherish it while I can and replace it with something like reading when it is no longer so.

Daily Listening

This Bossa Nova album.

Daily Reading

Finished the Jim Morris autobiography and then started the first book in A Series Of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning.